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       When will my
      international order arrive? 

      All international orders can have an estimated delivery time
      between 2-4 weeks, but unfortunately that is not guaranteed since the customs
      process and associated time frame cannot be controlled.  

      International Economy/Standard Shipping 

      This shipping option is
      done in conjunction with your local postal service. These shipments are NOT

      International Tracked Shipping/Recorded Delivery 

      This shipment option is
      more expensive, however, it is trackable from shipment until delivery! 


      Please note: A substantial transit time is expected for
      international orders because they must ship and then process through customs.
      If you do not receive your package within 3+ weeks, please be sure to check
      with your local sorting office to ensure they’re not holding the package or
      that it’s not being held in customs. 

      Make sure to research your
      country's customs requirements to avoid any unexpected fees! 

      Nearly every shipment that crosses an international border is
      subject to the assessment of duties and taxes and each country determines the
      assessment of duties and taxes differently. 

      It is important to note that all taxes and duties are at the
      responsibility of the purchaser. We do not have the ability to mark packages as
      having "No Commercial Value" in order to reduce potential duties due. 


      Here are our
      shipping time estimations:
      UK to UK = 2-5 business days.
      UK to Western Europe = Up to 2 weeks
      / 10 business days
      UK to Eastern Europe (incl. Greece &
      Italy) = Up to 3 weeks / 15 business days
      UK to USA & Canada = Up to 3
      weeks / 15 business days
      UK to Asia, Africa, & Central and
      South America = Up to 4 weeks / 20 business days